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At any time a utility can find themself facing unique or time time constrained challenges that can have a significant impact on safety, service, reliability, or financial condition.  These challenges can present themself in many ways and the ability to define a clear path forward is imperative.  UTS Engineering has the ability to provide clear directional guidance for salient issues that you may be facing.


UTS Engineering can help solve a wide variety of problems that utilities companies face. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with us; we'd love to see how we can help!

We can help you create solutions in the following areas:

  • Project feasibility studies

  • Capital Plan Development

  • Modernization or next generation utility Planning

  • Managing renewable energy or DER impact

  • Assessing electrification impacts to existing infrastructure

  • Reliability Improvement Planning

  • Project budget development

  • Engineering standards development and change management

When these challenges come up you have access to the resources necessary to respond to the changes impacting your future.

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