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Utility construction often involves large, complicated projects that have a wide variety of dependencies. UTS Engineering provides Construction Management services that keep projects on budget and on schedule. From regular maintenance activities to large scale grid modernization programs, UTS Engineering has a strong record for making engineered plans become reality. UTS Engineering is currently managing many substation construction projects from battery replacement to complete EHV rebuilds. Outage planning is a critical strength of the team to mitigate what can be one of the greatest project risks. Our strong team of construction experts includes 800+ years of utility construction experience.


UTS Engineering can help solve a wide variety of problems that utilities companies face. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with us; we'd love to see how we can help!

We can help you create solutions by:

  • Coordinating construction resources

  • Managing work quality

  • Reviewing project scopes for adequacy and constructability

  • Planning material acquisition and delivery

  • Evaluating safety systems

  • Investigating incidents or near miss events

  • Work with engineering / drafting and records to revise prints when necessary

  • Oversee fair and correct invoicing for contract services

  • Developing clear and executable work plans

  • Coordinating and requesting electrical outages

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